The actual Delorean car was incredible!

Oct 18 2023

Shizuoka Prefecture is a hub for many of Japan's model car and model kit manufacturers. About 5 months ago, I attended the annual Shizuoka Hobby Show held there. They displayed a life-sized replica of the Delorean, the time machine from "Back to the Future", a movie I adored as a child. I was so excited!

This summer, the heat caused the tires to come off.

Oct 17 2023

In August, I made a big mistake. I ruined the Autocult 1:43 Mercedes-Benz 290 (W18) Roadster Amilcar that I intended to add to my collection. Japanese summers are hot, and I carelessly left this model car by the window. When I checked it at night, the adhesive had melted, and two spare tires had come off. Melted adhesive was stuck to the base. Since this model is rarely available in the market, I felt deeply regretful. :'-(