What's Akitsushima Models?

A Must-See for the diecast & resin car fans!

Looking to create your collection with a fun and detailed classification of vehicles


During  our long history as a model car seller, we have received many inquiries  from all over the world. Out of those various questions, we have learnt  there are many people desperately looking for hard-to-find,  discontinued model cars. 

When  we decided to start an online store for new model cars, we realized we  cannot keep up with all the current model car lineups with our business  size.
We  thought we would focus on becoming a specialty store. That is when we  came up with the idea of offering discontinued model cars. After the  lengthy discussions with our staff members, we came to the conclusion  that we could collect rare models with our established network.

Our product page has extra tags, such as manufacture names and vehicle models for easy searching and browsing.
Also, our own calculated “Rare” rating will help you understand how hard it is to find an item.

Joy of finally finding something you have been looking for a long period of time.
Encountering a model car that you never knew was produced in the past.
It would be our honor to offer you such an experience.
We hope to help you find your treasure in our store.

Best regards from Japan,

Akitsushima Models
Online Shop Team