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In our long history of model car sales, we have received inquiries from around the world. Among these various inquiries, we have noticed a common opinion that the prices are high when purchasing Japanese manufacturer's model cars from local shops or marketplaces in their respective countries.

To address this issue, after thorough discussions with our staff, we realized that through pre-orders, we can offer worldwide sales at the same prices as the ones in Japan. Nowadays, high-end model cars have limited production quantities, and as time passes after their release, they become increasingly difficult to obtain, leading to significant price increases. Therefore, leveraging our sourcing network, we are able to accept pre-orders before the manufacturer's release date, allowing us to provide Japanese manufacturer's model cars to our customers before the price surge.

Furthermore, by listing our products in Japanese yen on our online shop, we can supply goods steadily without being affected by exchange rates. On each product page, there is a button to change the currency, enabling customers to easily confirm the price in their own currency.

We also frequently receive requests from customers expressing their concern about not knowing the market price for model cars and not wanting to be forced into buying expensive items. Therefore, we have made the decision to only sell our products at or below the Japanese retail prices, giving customers peace of mind when making a purchase.

Our product pages are tagged with manufacturer names, sizes, and other relevant information to ensure that customers can easily find the cars they are looking for. Additionally, we have created dedicated pages for pre-order model cars, which have limited purchasing windows and tend to sell out quickly. This allows customers to see at a glance which model cars are available for pre-order.

The joy of finally acquiring a highly anticipated new product and the excitement of discovering model cars that were previously unknown to you – we would be honored to provide our customers with such experiences. We invite you to explore our store and let us assist you in finding your treasures and adding them to your collection.

Best regards from Japan,

Akitsushima Models
Online Shop Team